I’m a bikist or something

  • I got home as fast as I could.
  • I immediately went to get my bike, and blasted off all the dust.
  • I FINALLY installed the front fender. I didn’t have the proper tools before, but my roommate has an awesome socket wrench set.
  • I have a funky tire size apparently so I needed to manually set my tire size in my bike computer.
  • Found out battery was dead in the transmitter for my bike computer that sends the fact that I’m moving to the little display.
  • On my way out stopped at Safeway to get the funky little A23 battery.
  • Rode around lake McIntosh, and returned home. 7.13 Miles
  • Got home and installed the new battery, and yay, the trip computer works and actually reports the speed correctly.
  • Now I need to eat something.
  • http://www.celibataire-endurci.com/ Mireille Celibataires

    cool! keep on biking, people! it’s healthy!