A Revelation About Systems Administrators

Systems administrators are basically puzzle makers for each other. At least, in a somewhat non-ideal way. Upon being hired, we usually inherit the previous sysadmin’s environment set up to how they liked it, configured to how they think is correct, and what makes sense to them with what tools are available at the time. Eight times out of ten the previous sysadmin is not available for questions about the environment. Your primary task for the next 3-12 months is to decipher how everything works without taking down any services that were otherwise online and working normally for the company, and fixing any issues that happen while you’re deciphering it.

Once you’ve accomplished this task, and know how everything works, you begin to weave your own puzzle. You set everything up the way YOU like it. You may even implement a server naming scheme of your choice (I’m dealing with a Lord of the Rings theme at work and slowly phasing it out). At this point you may be a year or 2 into the position there when a better opportunity calls, and you leave to another company, starting the cycle over again for you and another sysadmin.

  • http://www.monetengeier24.de/ Kevin

    True but with every new job you have to familiarize yourself with a SYSTEM whether it is the it structure, filing system, organizational structure etc… True though the admins have to learn it quick because issues come up on a daily basis.