There’s a dinosaur lurking in our office…



That is all.

US Map Thing

I felt like doing one of these things.

visited 31 states (62%)
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A Revelation About Systems Administrators

Systems administrators are basically puzzle makers for each other. At least, in a somewhat non-ideal way. Upon being hired, we usually inherit the previous sysadmin’s environment set up to how they liked it, configured to how they think is correct, and what makes sense to them with what tools are available at the time. Eight times out of ten the previous sysadmin is not available for questions about the environment. Your primary task for the next 3-12 months is to decipher how everything works without taking down any services that were otherwise online and working normally for the company, and fixing any issues that happen while you’re deciphering it.

Once you’ve accomplished this task, and know how everything works, you begin to weave your own puzzle. You set everything up the way YOU like it. You may even implement a server naming scheme of your choice (I’m dealing with a Lord of the Rings theme at work and slowly phasing it out). At this point you may be a year or 2 into the position there when a better opportunity calls, and you leave to another company, starting the cycle over again for you and another sysadmin.


I’m going to maybe use this a bit more. We’ll see if it gets pushed everywhere.

Too good not to share

Found this on Reddit, by AmoralRelativist, on the topic of worst dick-moves from teachers. I count this as the best counter-dick-move:

Me, my buddy and a bunch of friends skipped first class to go out to breakfast in high school. We went to a Denny’s-type of greasy-spoon diner, in total there were about twenty of us. My buddy, at the end of the meal bets me the price of his breakfast that he cant chug all the little shot glasses of maple syrup on the table. I agree and he starts blasting through heaps of the syrup, just throwin em back. Around 15 he starts slowing down and looking pale. He gets to 18 and gives up. We then go back to school for our second class: Geometry with Miss Cankles herself…Queen Manatee who was really mean, ill tempered and a bad teacher…the kind that likes to hear her own voice and undermine the students by picking on them. Half way through the class my buddy…now GREEN is waving his arms to be called on but Miss Manatee is ignoring him intentionally. He then stands up and bolts for the door; with surprising speed the instructor quickly oozes her bulk into the doorway blocking his path. “WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING?!” she moos at him poking him hard in the chest with her sausage finger. Weakly my friend says “the nurse” she turns BRIGHT RED and screams in his face about being disrespectful to his elders and betters and that he will be serving a thousand painful detentions cleaning her toenails or something. He turns meekly to walk back to his seat and she grabs him “I’m not done with you yet!” As she whips him around to face her and as she OPENS her MOUTH to yell again my friend loses it. He pukes up his MASSIVE lumberjack, grand slam omelet pancaketastic maple syrup soaked breakfast into her horseface and (gloriously) into her gaping mouth..

The aftermath was fairly ridiculous; it was one of those three solid beats of silence that lasts forever as everyone was just open-mouthed (including and especially the teacher) and staring. The only sound was my friend’s whimpering and, post-explosion, blurping. Then one of the quiet kids in the back whispered “HO..lee shit” under her breath but since everyone was still in shock it was CLEARLY audible, echoing around the room. That broke the spell; we all BURST into fits of unabashed laughter both at the timing and source of the side comment and the craziness of the event itself. The teacher (I WISH I could tell everyone how evil this instructor was, she was one of those professors that does math a great disservice because of the way she teaches and behaves) blinks ever so carefully and slowly, wipes the goo out of her eyes, and turns about-face to go across the hall to get another teacher to watch us while she goes to clean up. Not realizing her sodden appearance she causes a HILARIOUS reaction from THAT teacher’s class causing my class to start howling in laughter. Then she leaves in a smelly and indignant huff. She will get her revenge later with homework and detentions galore. Unfortunately my friend was doubled over and crying at this point because the realization that he just projectile vomited 18 shot glasses worth of maple syrup and two pounds of breakfast matter into the face of the meanest, nastiest geometry teacher on the planet is starting to sink in. I and another friend walk over and rub his back and bring him to the nurse explaining what happened (skipping the part about skipping class) and he gets picked up by his older brother and taken home for plenty of rest and a healthy dose of videogames. I do not have many fond memories of high school. I was a late bloomer, angsty and rebellious as they come, but THIS remains one of my most favorite memories…ever..I’m glad I could share it with reddit :)

Frozen Precipitation

Took this picture when I got to work this morning:

I’m a bikist or something

  • I got home as fast as I could.
  • I immediately went to get my bike, and blasted off all the dust.
  • I FINALLY installed the front fender. I didn’t have the proper tools before, but my roommate has an awesome socket wrench set.
  • I have a funky tire size apparently so I needed to manually set my tire size in my bike computer.
  • Found out battery was dead in the transmitter for my bike computer that sends the fact that I’m moving to the little display.
  • On my way out stopped at Safeway to get the funky little A23 battery.
  • Rode around lake McIntosh, and returned home. 7.13 Miles
  • Got home and installed the new battery, and yay, the trip computer works and actually reports the speed correctly.
  • Now I need to eat something.

The Twelfth Law of Thermodynamics

I seem to have frequent misadventures in technology. This week being no different. (more…)

I hate vans

Observations/discoveries/statements for the day:

  • I discovered I have no idea where the hell the suction cup mount for my TomTom is.
  • Target has universal replacement mounts for TomToms and other GPS receivers.
  • The air vent mount looks damn good in my car and I like it.
  • I only discovered that it was 9 PM just as I was going to take a shower.
  • I am tired as hell but am positive I’m not going to sleep the whole damn night.

That is all.